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A sale is made only to entrepreneurs, freelancers and public institutions within the meaning of §13 BGB.
A sale is made only to entrepreneurs, freelancers and public institutions within the meaning of §13 BGB.

Welding fume filtration - the various types of filters

March 8, 2021 | yourfilter GmbH

This blog provides a basic overview of the types of filters that commonly exist in the welding fume sector.


In general, you can define four (main) filter types:

  • pre-filter
  • main filter
  • filter cartridges
  • filter plates

Pre-filter: In many filter systems there are two or three filter stages. Prefilters usually form the first filter stage. They are comparable to a rough sieve. Small particles fit through, but the "coarse dirt" is already stuck in this filter. Prefilters are " more simple" in design and cheaper to replace. When the filters are saturated, they are disposed of.

Examples of pre-filters: pre-filter cassettes, pre-filter mats.
Special (more expensive) prefilters: activated carbon filters, activated carbon mats (the activated carbon removes additional odors from the air), aluminum filters (oil-containing dusts).


Abb. 1: pre-filter cassette

Main filters: The "main filters" are the heart of the filter systems. These filters often consist of very high-quality filter materials, which separate very small (welding fume) particles. Compared to the pre-filters, the main filter is more like a fine sieve. Special attention must be paid to the high quality of these filters. The vast majority of main filters are disposable and must be disposed of after saturation.

Examples of main filters: compact filter, pocket filter, cassette filter, HEPA filter.


Abb. 2: compact filter

Filter cartridges: Filter cartridges are mainly found in large, stationary filter units. However, there are also mobile units in which filter cartridges are used. There are filter cartridges that have to be disposed of after saturation, but also filter cartridges with a special membrane (PTFE or ePTFE) that can be cleaned very easy. These cartridges are usually very expensive, but are characterized by the fact that they have a significantly longer operating life.ber auch Filterpatronen mit einer speziellen Membrane (PTFE oder ePTFE), die sehr gut abreinigbar ist. Diese Patronen sind zumeist sehr hochpreisig, zeichnen sich aber dadurch aus, dass sie eine deutlich längere Lebensdauer, bzw. Standzeit haben.


Abb. 3: Filter cartridge

Filter panels: Filter panels are used in large filter systems and can usually be cleaned. They offer a large filter area, which speaks for a high dust collection = service life. Compared to filter cartridges, filter panels are more expensive due to their costly production. The function is the same. The same filter materials are also used. Only the type of cleaning differs.


Abb. 4: Filter panel


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