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A sale is made only to entrepreneurs, freelancers and public institutions within the meaning of §13 BGB.
A sale is made only to entrepreneurs, freelancers and public institutions within the meaning of §13 BGB.

"Filter system? I don't need it."

December 20, 2021 | yourfilter GmbH

Filter system? I do not need it.

    Some of our potential customers answer something like this in so-called “cold calls” in sales. You can read why this answer surprises us again and again in the new yourfilter BLOG:

    Fig. 1: Hazardous substances that are hazardous to health arise during welding

    Osh has become more and more important in recent years (or decades). The health of employees counts - employees are the most valuable asset that companies have. Accordingly, every company that writes this principle on the flags must also actively commit to good occupational health and safety.

    This is clearly regulated by law in the TRGS 528 (Technical rule for hazardous substances). The current version from February 2020 is at the BAuA (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) accessible:  BAuA --TRGS 528

    During welding and metalworking work, gaseous or particulate hazardous substances are released einatembar (E-Staub) and to a large extent even alveolengängig (A-Staub) are. This means that these substances penetrate deep into the lungs and can be harmful there. One Hazard assessment the welding work must be carried out and appropriate measures = extraction must be carried out in the area where it is generated in order to purify the breathable air. 

    Note: Does your company process metal and you use one of the following processes?

    • Submerged arc welding
    • Gas welding
    • WIG
    • Laser beam welding
    • MIG / MAG
    • LBH
    • Soft soldering
    • Hartlöten
    • MIG-Löten
    • Laser cutting
    • Oxy-fuel cutting
    • Plasmaschneiden
    • Light arcspritzen
    • Flame spraying

    Then we recommend that you deal with the topic of extraction technology / filter systems for the health of your employees. We would be happy to help and provide you with the right contact person. contact us under

    In the next BLOG article: How do I dispose of old, contaminated filter elements?